Summer Youth Programs

What is a CrossFit Youth Program? 

Our CrossFit Youth program is one designed to aid in muscular development, enhance motor performance skills, cognitive development, and reduce injuries in sports and recreational activities for children. Through hour-long (and fun) classes, kids are asked to perform specific tasks/exercises that are designed to challenge them mentally and physically. It has been designed for universal scalability which makes it the perfect application for any child, regardless of experience. Each class will stress well-trained, highly controlled movements under the supervision of coaches.

Proven Benefits

Research proves there are numerous benefits to children participating in a program like this.

  1. Increase in strength and favorable body composition in overweight and obese children. This includes an improvement in bone mineral density.
  2. Brain changes associated with better performance on attention-taxing tasks; improved abstract reasoning, planning, and organization; and the ability to multi-task more effectively.
  3. Help in encouraging and modeling our youth to continue the practice of regular exercise.


Day of the week:

Drop-In: $15

5-Pack: $75

10-Pack: $150

To Purchase a Youth Punch Card: Click Here, Select “Attendance Packs,” & choose your package