Picture of our CrossFit family member, Laura Lee“I joined Crossfit EP this summer and was immediately impressed with the program, the people, and the potential of what I could achieve. (Thank you, everyone, for the warm welcome; and kudos to Curt & Anna for creating a stellar On Ramp program!) Growing up as a figure skater, I spent zero time and focus on the upper body which was my primary driver to join Crossfit. (If you asked me what a kettlebell was prior, I would have said the noise maker that people use to cheer their favorite sports team – Go MU Golden Eagles! Note: I will no longer be cheering with a kettlebell at the Bradley Center.

I started lifting weights for the first time in my 30+ years, and am already getting stronger. I’m able to do consecutive knee push-ups, which is significant growth from my nose dive on day 1. Everyone is at different levels with their strength training. Though I may use just a bar with no additional weights for some movements, it is recognized by the coaches and fellow Crossfitters that the bar is still a huge accomplishment for me. That support is what has pushed my advancement from the 10# to the 33# bar for some exercises – woohoo, PR! Regardless of what level one is at, Crossfit EP stresses the importance of technique and safety which has made every new experience comfortable for me…even standing on my head. Many thanks and congrats to Curt & Anna for establishing a truly successful business that has made me, and so many others, love getting their a** kicked!”

— Laura Lee

Picture of our CrossFit family member, Dave“I am only 2 months into my Crossfit career but I already have a tangible success story. I am 52 and was severely out of shape when I came to Crossfit Eden Prairie. I was very concerned about my work out ability but from the on-ramp class with Justin instructing and my partner in crime Steve encouraging me I was off and running. Curt’s guidance in the classes after on-ramp has been demanding but encouraging, exactly what I need. I am also thrilled with my 6:30 am classmates (even Tom), they understand where I am at and show me unending encouragement. I recently participated in the Twin Cities Amazing Race for the Salvation Army and spent 7 hours on the course with my daughter, Lizzie, one of my best life events, I couldn’t have done it without Crossfit Eden Prairie. Thanks for helping me turn my life around.”

— Dave

Picture of our CrossFit family member, Megan“I could not say more positive things about the coaching staff, the environment, and the community at CFEP. Curt, Anna & the other coaches value accuracy, form, and safety prior to strength, and focus on making each individual (no matter how skilled or strong) the best individual s/he can be. The team-oriented atmosphere is extremely motivating and fun and pushes you to complete workouts and skills that are both mentally and physically challenging. CrossFit Eden Prairie is by far the best CrossFit gym in the Twin Cities thanks to its genuine, smart, and enthusiastic- about-life coaching staff, as well as its inclusive and diverse community. You’ll never know until you try! :)”

— Megan

Picture of our CrossFit family member, Joellyn“I joined CFEP hoping to gain strength to become a better, stronger, runner and cyclist. That has been accomplished, but I now realize those goals were too narrow considering all the benefits that CFEP has to offer each of their athletes. The coaching team at CFEP strikes a perfect balance of identifying and developing the diverse goals and abilities of each individual member, while at the same time taking those same individuals and fostering a positive, tight-knit community. All this is accomplished in a safe, fun and upbeat environment. You will leave your CFEP workout feeling strong, challenged, encouraged and motivated in ways that reach well beyond the four walls of the gym. Check out CFEP – you will be glad you did.”

— Joellyn

Picture of our CrossFit family member, Rita“If you are wondering which CrossFit location to choose, it’s Eden Prairie, and there are 4 reasons why: the owners, the community/people, the location, and the FUN! Curt and Anna are some of the most knowledgeable people in the wellness industry and have the backgrounds to show for it. Being an athlete growing up I’ve worked with dozens of different coaches and it’s not easy finding a well-rounded one but Curt knows how to coach by being direct without attacking, and provides great support for continual improvement. Each month I’m getting to know different people and we are all there to support one another, including the coaches. The location is convenient and the box is the best one I’ve seen yet. Between the people and the coaches, you’re bound to have some fun while getting a solid workout in. I recommend CFEP to everyone!!”

— Rita

Picture of our CrossFit family member, Alice.“I first came to CrossFit Eden Prairie as a drop-in on Christmas Eve 2013. I had been CrossFitting since mid-January of 2013 at an Uptown gym, but when I moved to Eden Prairie in July 2013 it was getting difficult to make it to classes there. I was pretty excited that CFEP had opened near my home, and that first Christmas workout did not disappoint. The space itself was bright and clean and much larger than I was used to. Curt’s coaching was positive and clear. All the athletes were friendly and the WOD itself (12 Days of Christmas – quite a doozy) was challenging and fun. In short, I loved it! I came back for a New Years Day workout, this time bringing my husband. I was impressed that Curt and Anna remembered me and were so welcoming of both me (an experienced CrossFitter) and my husband (a complete newbie). I joined CFEP in February 2014 when my membership expired at my Uptown gym. I would be lying if I said I was not super pumped to learn that elite athlete M’Kelle Tomberlin would be coaching the classes I would most often attend! While I am certainly not among the best CrossFitters that are out there, I very much enjoy competing and challenging myself. I really appreciate that CFEP coaches also are driven to compete, and supportive of my efforts. As a stubborn old lady, I need coaches who encourage me to focus on form and not get frustrated when I fall short of where I think I should be – I get that at CFEP, and I am confident that good coaching has kept me injury free. I have specific performance goals that I have set for myself, and it means a lot to feel support from CFEP coaches even outside class times or open gym. At the same time, CFEP athletes that are focused in other ways are equally supported and supportive of each other. People are genuinely interested in each other’s lives both inside and outside the gym, which makes CFEP feel like a community rather than simply a place to work out. Regardless of why a person might decide to get into CrossFit, CFEP is a great place to be!”

— Alice

Picture of our CrossFit family member, Paul”They are excellent teachers, focused on each individual member’s level of fitness, goals and safety. It is obvious how sincere they are about including people at all levels of fitness without compromising the need to keep CFEP a place for athletes of the highest level. There is no eye rolling when someone has to massively scale down a workout, just a focus on helping that person use better technique, go faster, and lift more than they have before. Nor is there any compromise for those at the highest levels – they are encouraged and trained to continue to excel and constantly improve. As a result, the hopeless become fit, the fit become very fit, and the very fit become complete bad-asses, and we do it all together, all at the same time, all at our own pace.”

”Building a “Community” at CFEP isn’t just a marketing slogan to them. That “new guy” feeling lasts about five minutes at CFEP. They actually remind their members to be nice to newbies and visitors (I think I was in grade school the last time someone told me that). They offer CrossFit for Kids to involve and welcome the whole family (our girls have participated and are now fascinated with CrossFit). They make a concerted effort to get to know everyone and encourage everyone to pull for and help each other. It is obviously important to them that everyone feel welcome and a part of something special at CFEP, and it spreads.”

”There is a lot we like about CrossFit in general, for example: 1) limitless opportunities for measurable improvements and goals; 2) daily trainer-led, preprogrammed workouts of constant variety; and 3) a contagious, group-driven energy level that makes a lazy/lame visit to the gym nearly impossible. These are all things you get with the highly competent and professional execution of a CrossFit fitness program, but thanks to Anna, Curt and team, we have that and much more at CFEP, and it has been fun being a part of it. Happy One Year Anniversary.”

— Paul

Picture of our CrossFit family member, Genell“CrossFit has changed my life.” I’ve heard it a million times. And I will say it a million times. I grew up as a small town farm girl without much for athletic abilities. I was never considered an athlete. From growing up on a farm and helping my parents run a restaurant, I knew well the motto, “Work hard. Play hard.” I wish today I’d had access to CrossFit as a young person because working hard at CrossFit IS playing hard. It encompasses so many healthy traits and goes way beyond “a new way of working out.” It has changed my life.
Okay, I’ve always been a fairly happy person, but never really happy with myself physically. I’d been overweight most of my life and have always been searching for the easy answer. I first heard about CrossFit from a co-worker who was trying to get into shape and relieve some stress. He loved it. I started increasing my knowledge at that point and saw some really positive impacts on his life. So, I started reading different boxes’ websites and crossfit.com for motivation to get to a point where I was comfortable enough with my abilities to give it a try. I started at a small town non-affiliate class where I learned a lot of basics and a little bit of what CrossFit is about. I started to get brave enough to try a class at a REAL BOX! (How exciting!) Now I wished I had done this sooner. You do NOT need to have a certain level of fitness/skills or even be able to do push-ups or anything like that. EVERYTHING in CrossFit is scalable and no one is judging you other than being happy for you that you’re doing something positive for your health and starting your CrossFit journey. From the outside CrossFit seems so intimidating. Let me be the one to tell you that you should definitely NOT feel intimidated! CrossFitters are some of the nicest and most welcoming people you will EVER encounter. Everyone wants to help you and encourage you no matter what your skill/fitness level is. It is not a competition against anyone but yourself…unless you want it to be. If you do, there are endless opportunities to take it from local competitions all the way to The CrossFit Games in California. CrossFit Eden Prairie has been a super positive and energetic place for me to grow my skills and fitness. They provide opportunities for someone brand new to CrossFit so you can learn proper form and technique and join the regular classes. I’ve come a long way in less than a year and I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with any other group of people. I might even call myself an “athlete” which I would have NEVER done even just 1 year ago! Curt and Anna treat their members with respect and are growing and nurturing a very exciting CrossFit family! The vibe at CFEP is very positive and energetic even at 5:30 am on the darkest and coldest of mornings in the dead of winter. I ALWAYS leave the box feeling like I really accomplished something and have a positive start to my day. CrossFit has changed my life and I know it will change yours.”

— Genell