Open Access

More Time For Fitness!

CrossFit Eden Prairie is proud to be one of the only gyms in the state to offer both CrossFit classes AND similar availability of a typical 24 hour gym. Ask our team how you can take advantage of this opportunity for more fitness freedom!

What is Open Access? 

  • Participating members will receive an individual access code to be able to enter CrossFit Eden Prairie.
  • Open Access will be available 7 days a week from 4:30AM – 11:00PM. (Except during general class times – see class schedule)
  • A separate waiver will need to be signed, and all policies and procedures of our Open Access offering will be required to be followed.


What Are The Rules For Open Access?

  • First and foremost, all policies and procedures of our Open Access policy MUST be followed. No exceptions will be made, and CrossFit Eden Prairie has the sole ability to revoke any participating members access at any time.
  • Open Access is not available during general CrossFit classes at this time, unless the general class is not at capacity and space is available.
  • Participants in Open Access must sign up for a “block” of time through our TRIIB app prior to accessing the facility.
  • All cleaning procedures must be adhered to.
    • Wipe down and sanitize any piece of equipment you touch
    • Put away all equipment that has been used
  • The unique access code received may not be shared with any other individual than the one who purchased the code.


How Do I Receive A Unique Code? 

  • If you currently have a membership, all we need is an email confirming you’d like to upgrade to Open Access. We will then adjust your membership and can provide you with the waiver and access code.
  • If you are new to CrossFit Eden Prairie, you can go to our membership page and sign up for whichever option you’d like. We will then follow up with you to get your separate waiver completed and determine your access code.