New to CrossFit?

Follow these steps to get started with CrossFit

1. Attend a Free Intro Class  (Not required, but a great place to start) Picture of one of our CrossFit family members.

Interested in learning more about what being a member at CrossFit Eden Prairie is like? This is the class for you. During this hour-long class, you can expect to learn about the training methodology of CrossFit, why we do what we do, how to get started, take a look at the facilities, get any questions answered, and do a short workout that all ability levels can complete. Basically, come see if CFEP is a good fit for you!


At CFEP, we want to make sure that all members are set up for success! We want you to learn our terminology, how classes operate, learn correct movements, and build up a good “base” for our general classes.

This would typically entail Bootcamp-specific classes without complex movements, but with COVID things have changed a little bit!

Instead of having Bootcamp & CrossFit classes going on simultaneously, all of our classes have size limits with dedicated workout areas. Your coach will make a point to make sure you are set up for success and scaling appropriately for each workout. Our number one priority is your safe, so it’s important that we build up your capacity prior to pushing it to your max!

3. Sign Up For A Membership

If you’ve already tried a week for free then all you need to do is speak with a coach

and let them know which membership you’d like to have. Others can follow the link above to purchase whichever option works best for you!

**All new members are required to hold a membership for 3 consecutive months once starting Bootcamp. We do not require contracts beyond this point, but we want to make sure that every individual gets the best o

ut of their experience so that they can truly see the value of what we do!