Meet the Coaches

Our Coaches Lead Fun and Effective CrossFit Workouts

Jesse Cole, Coach & CrossFit Eden Prairie Manager 

Julie Maines, Coach

CrossFit changed my perception of fitness and perception of myself. I’m passionate about helping people find similar results. I remember coming in early for my introductory CrossFit class while the previous class was just finishing up. I was blown away by what I saw. Here was a group of people of all different ages, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels working out together, encouraging each other, and pushing themselves like I’ve never seen before! It was love at first sight. I joined CrossFit in the fall of 2012. That CrossFit class challenged me in a way that I’ve never been challenged before. I couldn’t wait for my next class to learn new movements so I could work on them and get better. The rest is history. I found my home at CrossFit Eden Prairie. I am thrilled to be a part of such an amazing group of people. While working hard on all the different aspects of CrossFit and growing as a CrossFit athlete myself, I find joy in working with others and helping them achieve their goals. Certifications: CrossFit L1 Trainer; CPR, AED, & First Aid Certified.

Jessie Koepplin, Coach

Sports and athletics have always been a big part of my life, and growing up I was involved with a variety of sports starting at an early age and continuing through my College years. As a young athlete involved in team and individual sports before finding CrossFit, gymnastics was my passion for over fifteen years and I thrived on the energy of the competitions, the intensity of training, the smell of the chalk at the meets – and, most importantly, the social community that became like a second family to me. During and after college my exercise routine shifted a bit, moving away from gymnastics and community-based fitness that I loved so much. I worked out at a big box globo-gym chain, or did exercise videos at home, but was getting bored and needed something more. In 2014 I discovered CrossFit, and my world has never been the same. Like many who come to CrossFit, I was skeptical at first – but the constantly varied workouts re-engaged my passion for fitness, and the intensity of the training showed me that I was stronger and more mentally tough than I’d ever imagined. Beyond the individual fitness benefits, though, the CrossFit community has been so much more: I have found a community of people who have truly become lifelong friends, and who push me every day to be the best that I can be – for myself, and for all those in my life. As an athlete, I have always loved being part of the CrossFit Eden Prairie community. As a coach, I am honored to help show others that true meaning of community that builds the foundation for success in their fitness journey, helps them feel comfortable taking healthy risks to achieve what they never thought was possible, and provide them the tools and guidance to crush their goals and become better than they were before. Certifications: Bachelor of Accountancy, Minor in Fraud Examination. CrossFit L1 Trainer; CPR, AED, & First Aid Certified; CPA.

Alex Hawrelok, Coach

I wasn’t a very active child. In fact, until I graduated from high school I used my allergy induced asthma and a wide host of severe environmental allergies as an excuse not to participate in any sort of physical activity outside of gym class. It was at that point I realized that I didn’t want to be the victim anymore, I wanted to show myself and the world how fit I could be in spite of those things. I started out with just normal bodybuilding style weightlifting, as any scrawny 18-year-old does when trying to put on some muscle. As life went on, I was pushed by circumstance towards the military, which is where I spent 4 years of my life and got my first taste of CrossFit. I was initially in EOD (Bomb Disposal) school in the Air Force, which had pretty rigorous physical standards, and CrossFit was what they used to get us there. After switching to the Intelligence field, I continued my bodybuilding routine until I competed in my first bodybuilding show, and immediately realized how much it wasn’t for me. I went to the gym the very next day and signed up for some 1-on-1 sessions to learn how to do CrossFit. That was June of 2016, and since then have set my sights on competing at the CrossFit Games. CrossFit has made it so that I no longer require any medication for my asthma, and that complete 180 from someone who hated being outside or doing anything physical because it made me too tired to someone who wakes up excited every day to train and become better is why I wanted to become a coach. I believe I’m a true case of “If I can do it, anyone can” and I hope to show folks the power CrossFit has to change lives. Certifications: CrossFit L1 Trainer, CPR, AED, First Aid Certified

Amy Smith, Coach

In January 2016, my husband signed me up for a CrossFit bootcamp without me knowing. Besides running relays in 7th grade track, I’d never done anything athletic in my life. I had a gym membership so I could use the pool in the summer (not to swim of course). The word “athlete” was nowhere in my vocabulary. I was good at other things. I didn’t know the difference between a barbell and a dumbbell and hadn’t jump roped since the 3rd grade Jump-a-Thon. I was quickly and consistently faced with all things I couldn’t do (pull-ups, push-ups, you name it). I was nervous, embarrassed and felt like I was always “doing it wrong.” I had an amazing coach though and I started to see results, not just physically but mentally too. I was getting stronger and the internal drive and competitive nature that motivated me in other parts of my life started to kick in. I was achieving things I had literally never even imagined. Two years into CrossFit I heard a radio ad about a new “exercise” program and I thought to myself, “Ugh…EXCERISE. The word itself sounds painful. I can’t think of anything I’d want to do LESS than exer…” And that’s when I realized why I love CrossFit. I had been working out and getting stronger for 2 years and it never once felt like exercise. It was fun. It was challenging. And most of all, it was community. While being an “athlete” has not been a constant in my life, being a learner, teacher and coach has been. Helping others achieve goals in a fun, challenging and community focused environment is what excites me the most about being a part of CrossFit Eden Prairie. Certifications: B.A. Spanish, B.S. Psychology – Human Services, MBA General Business, Certificate of Executive Leadership, CrossFit L1 Trainer, CPR, AED & First Aid Certified.

Christopher Dean, Coach & Mobility Coach

I was introduced to CrossFit while attending a RockTape seminar and our instructor was super excited to be working with CrossFitters. He expressed how the sport was getting people, of all shapes and sizes, off their couch and into the gym, moving, working out and most importantly living a healthier life. Working in sports medicine as a chiropractor, I had to learn more about it. After talking with some local boxes and then volunteering with the medical team at the Granite Games, I had to try it for myself. I grew up a multi-sport athlete, participating in soccer, basketball, and baseball in high school and continued playing soccer in college at St. Norbert College in De Pere, WI. After starting on-ramp at CFEP, I quickly became hooked and I had something to challenge me physically and fulfill my competitive nature. In October 2014 I was able to incorporate CrossFit with my career by coaching mobility at CFEP. Besides reaching my own personal goals, I find no better joy than helping people move and feel better. The intensity and constant variation of CrossFit demand the athlete pay attention to their body. It’s my goal to asses, treat and educate my athletes thereby empowering you to help yourself. Certifications: ACBSP – Sports Chiropractic Physician; B.S. in Biology; NSCA – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist; Rock Tape: Fascial Movement Taping (FMT) – Level I and II Certified; Mobility WOD Practitioner; CrossFit L1 Trainer.