Meet the Coaching Team

Founders & Owners of CrossFit Eden Prairie since 2013



Meet the Coaches of CrossFit Eden Prairie

Jesse Cole, Coach & General Manager 

I became passionate about CrossFit because from the moment I stepped into the CFEP box I new it was the place for me. Tons of fun, friendly people in an inviting atmosphere who are working hard, sweating, and throwing lots of weight around. Growing up I was no stranger to physical work. I’d wrestle just about year round, play baseball in the summer, and lift weights and condition to stay in shape. My dad, (a military/state patrol officer) made sure us boys would grow up determined and with a strong work ethic. We even had the pleasure of doing push-ups or running laps around the house when we would get into trouble. I definitely have given my father a lot of credit for the person I am, as well as the physical capacity I have today. After high school and during college, I mostly worked out with friends at Lifetime or Anytime. I eventually grew tired of the same old routine and not really getting better or stronger. Walking into any other gym, people can barely take their eyes off of their phone and have no clue who anyone else is. I knew that CrossFit would be the right place for me. No workouts from day to day are the same and we are a community of hard working people that support and cheer each other on. People get to know each other and become close friends outside of the gym. My favorite part of every day is getting to the gym and seeing all these wonderful people. I absolutely love this CFEP community….there’s no better place to work or get a workout in. What I’m most excited about as a coach is showing people who are new to CrossFit that it can be for everyone. I also love helping current members accomplish their various goals, whether it’s their first HSPU or muscle up, to “PR”ing their beck squat! I try to live by the CFEP motto… “Work Hard Be Nice.” I truly believe with hard work you can accomplish pretty much anything, and being nice.. well why be anything different?! Certifications: CrossFit L1 Trainer, CPR, AED, First Aid Certified

Alex Hawrelok, Coach & Assistant Manager

I wasn’t a very active child. In fact, until I graduated from high school I used my allergy induced asthma and a wide host of severe environmental allergies as an excuse not to participate in any sort of physical activity outside of gym class. It was at that point I realized that I didn’t want to be the victim anymore, I wanted to show myself and the world how fit I could be in spite of those things. I started out with just normal bodybuilding style weightlifting, as any scrawny 18-year-old does when trying to put on some muscle. As life went on, I was pushed by circumstance towards the military, which is where I spent 4 years of my life and got my first taste of CrossFit. I was initially in EOD (Bomb Disposal) school in the Air Force, which had pretty rigorous physical standards, and CrossFit was what they used to get us there. After switching to the Intelligence field, I continued my bodybuilding routine until I competed in my first bodybuilding show, and immediately realized how much it wasn’t for me. I went to the gym the very next day and signed up for some 1-on-1 sessions to learn how to do CrossFit. That was June of 2016, and since then have set my sights on competing at the CrossFit Games. CrossFit has made it so that I no longer require any medication for my asthma, and that complete 180 from someone who hated being outside or doing anything physical because it made me too tired to someone who wakes up excited every day to train and become better is why I wanted to become a coach. I believe I’m a true case of “If I can do it, anyone can” and I hope to show folks the power CrossFit has to change lives. Certifications: CrossFit L1 Trainer, CPR, AED, First Aid Certified

Julie Maines, Coach

CrossFit changed my perception of fitness and perception of myself. I’m passionate about helping people find similar results. I remember coming in early for my introductory CrossFit class while the previous class was just finishing up. I was blown away by what I saw. Here was a group of people of all different ages, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels working out together, encouraging each other, and pushing themselves like I’ve never seen before! It was love at first sight. I joined CrossFit in the fall of 2012. That CrossFit class challenged me in a way that I’ve never been challenged before. I couldn’t wait for my next class to learn new movements so I could work on them and get better. The rest is history. I found my home at CrossFit Eden Prairie. I am thrilled to be a part of such an amazing group of people. While working hard on all the different aspects of CrossFit and growing as a CrossFit athlete myself, I find joy in working with others and helping them achieve their goals. Certifications: CrossFit L1 & L2 Trainer; CPR, AED, & First Aid Certified.

Curt Follman, Owner & Coach

The health and wellness industry is where I have spent my entire career. This has taken me to personal training, fitness management, group exercise instruction, health and wellness coaching, and wellness service sales. When I first started CrossFit, I immediately knew that I was hooked for life. To be honest, it frustrated me knowing how I had trained clients (and myself) for all of these years. It’s a great feeling when you are actually excited to go workout, even when you know it’s going to be very hard. That’s directly related to the addictive nature of CrossFit and the personal relationships you have with your coaches and fellow members. As a coach, my objective is to get the best out of each and every member. Each person who steps through our door is going to be at a different fitness level, strength level, flexibility level, confidence level, etc. This excites me as a coach because it allows me to constantly need to adapt. My years of coaching and training have instilled the understanding that no two people are alike, and it truly is a skill to be able to peel back the layers to get an individual ready and motivated to make changes. Those changes do not happen overnight either, so having a relationship deeper than just a casual “Hi” and “Bye” is important to navigate each members’ path to better fitness. Certifications: CrossFit L1 Certified Trainer; CrossFit L2 Certified Trainer; B.S. in Exercise Physiology; CPR & AED Certified.

Anna Follman, Owner & Coach

I grew up participating in both individual and team sports but my true passion was in gymnastics and track and field. I went on to compete for the Blugolds as a gymnast and sprinter/jumper at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. After retiring from collegiate athletics and receiving my degree in Kinesiology, my professional experience has ranged from personal training, coaching gymnastics, sports performance training, and corporate wellness. Although I believe my calling is in the health and fitness industry, I continued my search for something that truly brought me more excitement in my day-to-day life. In January of 2011, I started CrossFit and I have been addicted ever since! Members of CrossFit appreciate it for different reasons; my most important reasons are the strong sense of community, technical-based coaching, constant exercise variety, and of course, its effectiveness in my overall strength, endurance, and physical appearance. I can honestly say that I have never left a CrossFit workout feeling like I didn’t get the most out of the class. Given how much I have fallen in love with CrossFit, it is extremely fulfilling for me to get to share this experience with every member of CrossFit Eden Prairie! As an owner and coach, it is my priority to make sure each individual feels supported wherever they are at in their CrossFit journey. Having an extensive background in coaching all ages and skill abilities it allows me to be very effective at personalizing workouts, even within the group class setting. Certifications: CrossFit L1 Certified Trainer; CrossFit L2 Certified Trainer; B.S. in Kinesiology – Human Performance, Sport Performance; CPR & AED Certified.