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Reaching Your Goals in 2020

Posted on January 3, 2020 by Anna Follman


Hello my fellow humans!
The holiday season and new year can be an eventful and exciting time for most, but it can also be very exhausting. As I sit here at my desk after almost two weeks on and off of work, I’m feeling the brain fog hard, and my body is trying to figure out if I’m going to continue living off of Christmas cookies and cheese platters. It is usually at this time of the year where we have had our share of fun, we have burned ourselves on both ends of the candle, and we’re ready to get back on track with our health and lifestyles.
It’s time to refocus and set intentions for the year to come. The most important way to kick off a new year is to get your goals clear in your mind. Figure out whatever it is that you want to achieve or experience and channel how it would feel to reach it. Are you thirsty for what you want? Think about being physically parched- you are dehydrated and longing for a drink. You are absolutely in need of a big tall glass of water. You are hyper-aware of your thirst, and it’s all you can think about. The same can sometimes be said for what we want to achieve. “Yearning for” something rather than “looking forward to” something creates a vibe that isn’t in tune with what we want in our lives.
The way that we can better ourselves without the doubt and stress that usually follows is to say to ourselves, “wouldn’t it be cool” rather than, “I’m not okay if I don’t get it.”
You want to have that happy feeling before it happens. If you start to feel now how you imagine you will feel once you reach your goals, you will not be craving and efforting for it. Being quenched means, you are in receiving mode. If it is not making you feel the high vibe, then it is not the right goal or mindset. Match the frequency of the manifestations you want, and it will get soon get you what you desire.
For a lot of us, our primary goal is to achieve a better health status. We desperately want to lose weight or gain muscle or quit binge eating and drinking things that make us feel sluggish and guilty. As humans, we have the habit of cutting ourselves short before we even put in the real effort. We start to think about how hard it will be to watch football without a few beers and some nachos. Or how we are going to prepare our kids chicken nuggets and mac and cheese without stealing a few helpings. Getting fit takes time and dedication, but its the attitude we have around it that will make it attainable or break it.
6 Ideas to help you achieve your goals:
1. Recognize the feeling when you are excited about your goals. Create a plan around how you will use that feeling to stay motivated.
2. Don’t create so much pressure around what you want. Lighten the energy around it. It all starts with your intentions.
3. Make sure you are feeling whole and complete NOW. You’re not more full and perfect when you make money or lose weight. When you come at what you want from an incompleteness, you are at odds with feeling good along the way.
4. Utilize community resources or friends to help keep you on track and encouraged.
5. Trust in your timing. We usually have a deadline for reaching what we want, which creates friction. If you let things flow, things will happen with ease and on time.
6. Relax to receive. Dial down the intensity, and it will help you get in receiving mode. Be hopeful of it. Give yourself that excited feeling as if something is coming. This will allow you to relax and reach your goals.
Getting closer to the lifestyle and health that you desire can be easier than you think. Having a community around you and the support of a coach to guide you and hold you accountable on the tough days is sometimes is all you need to get over the hump. Let’s make it our mission in 2020 to stop standing in our way and start creating positivity around the journey so we can finally get to the destination we have craved for so long!
Written By: Hayley Sutherland

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