New To CrossFit? Follow These Steps To Get Started!! 


1. Free Intro Class: (Not required, but a great place to start) 

Interested in seeing what a fitness routine with CrossFit is all about? Check out our "Class Schedule" page and look for the Free Intro Classes. These are hour long sessions where we will introduce you to what CrossFit teaches, as well as what you receive by being a member at CFEP. This class would not be complete without giving you a little "taste," so we will finish up with a quick workout. Any individual, no matter their fitness level, will be able to complete the workout. The best part is there is no need to let us know you're coming, just stop on by! 

FREE INTRO is every Saturday at 11:00AM

 To sign up for a free intro spot: Click Here


2. Bootcamp: 

At CFEP, we want to make sure that all members are set up for success! We want you to learn our terminology, how classes operate,  learn correct movements, and build up a good "base" for our general classes. For that reason, we require all new CrossFitters to attend 3-4 weeks of Bootcamp classes prior to attending general CrossFit classes. These classes do not include barbell lifts or complex gymnastics movements, but over those 3 weeks you will be exposed to a large number of the exercises that you'll see going forward.   Don't worry, these workouts are plenty hard!! They are typically 30-40 minutes and a lot of fun! 

 *Registration is required, but you may start on any of the scheduled Bootcamp classes.    

**All new members are required to hold a membership for 3 consecutive months once starting Fundamentals. We do not require contracts beyond this point, but we want to make sure that every individual gets the best out of their experience so that they can truly see the value of what we do! 

***Bootcamp Class Times:

Monday/Wednesday/Thursday @ 5:30PM



Individual Fundamentals:  

During this one-on-one program, you will work with your L1 coach to become acquainted with the same teachings and movements as in the On-Ramp class program. This is a "graduate as you're ready" program, and of course each session ends with a "WOD." 


 **See our "Pricing Info" page for rates**



 Points of Emphasis for Fundamentals/Individual Fundamentals:  CrossFit terminology, lifting technique, movement standards, and many more topics!