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When we think about summer, we may picture ourselves driving with the windows rolled down & our beloved pet hanging their slobbering grins out the window. There is talk of warm weather, 4th of July, school calling it quits and my personal favorite- a little lip sweat to go along with my sundress. Rarely do we discuss the magnificent line up of farmers markets that the Twin Cities has to offer.

      It’s a glorious thing to be able to stroll on outside and take your pick from locally grown products to make for dinner. For those who are not yet vegetable lovers, when you see how many colors and fragrances are surrounding you, it may just change the beat of your drum. Its one thing to see a frozen bag of peas next to a personal pizza in the freezer section and decide that your Italian side is going to win—but FRESH produce that is waiting to be nibbled on is a game changer. There’s usually crafts, fresh eggs, cheese, honey, food trucks and music playing if the talk of veggies is not necessarily tickling your fancy.

     An article from Fitt Twin Cities by, Gina Van Thomme, lists twelve of the 2018 Minneapolis Farmers Markets that are a must shop. If you’re like me, you knew of one or two, but twelve? Can you say cha-ching! A few of the markets on her list include, Fulton, Richfield, Nokomis, Linden Hills, Northeast, Mill City, St. Paul and Minneapolis Farmers Markets. From a land that is known for its snow and ice, this list tends to heat things up a bit when comes to shopping local.  

     With the variety of locations and wide array of products, it is pretty safe to say that everyone can enjoy a trip to the market this summer. The wild flower and coffee sections are two that I hold close to my heart and the prices cannot be beat. If you’re a baller on a budget, don’t forget to charm a loved one with a bouquet of flowers for a fraction of the price.

     Whether you’re there for the people watching, the homemade candles or the sizzling bratwurst and sauerkraut, make it your mission to go and check one out. Support local business and stock up your fridge with nutrient packed goodness!

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Written By: Hayley Sutherland

Posted on June 4, 2018 .