Don't Trade Authenticity For Approval.


     We are born into this world without self-doubt, crippling criticism or fear to hold us back from whaling at the top of our lungs and demanding that all of our needs are met. We know what we want and we are not afraid to let everyone know which parts of us speak the loudest. This is why children intuitively act--without feeling the pressure to apologize for it. Somewhere along the lines we begin to waver on this ultimate self- expression & we become hypersensitive to the opinions of others. It’s is almost as if there is a radio station in our head that only airs the bad news rather than our favorite songs - helping us to reflect on all the good happening in our lives. The more we adjust our “antennas” to pick up on those negative signals, the higher frequency they pour in with.

     Authenticity is the degree to which one stays true to their personality, despite external pressures. Anytime we are acting from the bare essence of our authentic souls, we feel the freest. That is why there’s a feeling of bliss you experience when you get home from the outside world, whip off your restraining attire and let the real you ooze over in your comfort zone. It is a mystery as to why we wait until the moment we’re alone, or in the comfort of those very close to us, to blossom into our genuine existence.  If we can accept our authentic self-why shouldn’t others be able to? Like most everything else in life, this mindset is easier said than done—but the easy route in life is rarely the one that helps us progress.

     This is all something that I recently started to reflect on after going through some changes in my life. There is a part of me that has always realized that being myself is where I am in the best shape to connect with others. But if you find yourself in a toxic situation or mindset, the unique parts of you take a back seat and insecurities can cultivate at an alarming rate. Some folks are able to become aware of this all on their own, and others may be lucky enough to have some honest loved ones who will point it out to you- whether or not you’re ready to acknowledge it. I’m sure we would all love to say that we want the truth over anything else, but often times we hide from it in the fear that we will hear something without the delicious sugar coating. There’s a quote that I read the other day that made the wheels start turning. It said, “If we truly get to know ourselves, it’s impossible to be hurt by what others think of us.”

     I remember thinking to myself, “isn’t that the damn truth.” For most of us, we are acclimated to live in ignorance instead being open to hearing something negative about ourselves. What we should prep ourselves for is getting passed our fears and tap into a level of self-awareness. This will not only give us an accurate image of another person but it should create a level of understanding so that we are not harmed by what others think of us. Just think about all of the wasted time spent worrying when we could be belting out karaoke while shaking our butts, trying to wakeboard for the first time in front of an attractive specimen or telling a questionably cynical joke to a group of mates. In the end who really cares if someone shakes their head and decides you’re a goof- because goofs happen to my favorite type of human.

     I think it’s time we all stopped suppressing our instincts and let our hair down a bit. That’s the kind of world I want to live in and I’m thinking there are some others who may be on board.

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Written By: Hayley Sutherland

Posted on March 5, 2018 .