2018: The Stress Less Year


     A year’s end is neither an end or a beginning-but on going.  New Year’s Eve is there to help us carry over the wisdom that only experience is capable of instilling in us. As we prep our fridges with champagne and try arranging a sitter for the little biscuits in our lives, there is one tidbit that most of us tend to forget. We have so much exposure to carry over from the past 365 days that we really should be celebrating it, instead of gripping at a chance to clear the slate and begin again.

     If you have ears, I’m sure you have heard the phrase, “New Year, New Me” at some point.  While there is something to be said about creating goals to improve on yourself, in all reality, you will be the same person that you were on December 31st. And to top it off, for those who tend to get a little squirrely and indulge in adult beverages, you may be the same you- just with a wicked hangover on top.  

     Now that February is rounding the corner, one can only hope that your self-induced headache is alleviated and you are moving towards something more rewarding. As easy as it is to say that things are miraculously going perfectly in 2018, I think we can all admit that our goals tend to scurry away from us as our busy schedules and curve balls in our lives carry on. If you are one of the lucky few that tread steadily through life unscathed from stress as you pass, then I salute you and envy you some days.

     But what if stress is actually a good thing? You’re right I said it. What if this weight that we carry physically in tiny bouncy ball like knots down our backs, could be just what we need to get to that next level. For instance, when you have a test, meeting, what-have-you, and you have waited until the end of the deadline to prepare--Isn’t it that gnawing sense of urgency that probes our minds to think fast. It is that same urgency that allows us to tap into the greatness that has been marinating until called upon. It’s the panic button baked into each of us, which sets off an alarm when you come to a life or death situation. If those moments didn’t cause our bodies stress, we may not ever be desperate enough to come through or assist at the pace required.

     Of course, there is a point where stress can overload your system. It will take its toll on a person and consume the time where you should be relaxed and enjoying your life with ease. Many of us have been at that point for most of our lives and can be the cause of health issues as well as remaining detrimental to the relationships we have.

     I have found that there are ways to come back to the ground surface and reserve the stress for times of need. Meditation is something that works for me- and it just so happens to be part of the “New me” in 2018. I have also scheduled my first acupuncture session for this Friday to see if it can become another way for me to detox and unwind. 

     Whether yours is exercise, slapping a tambourine on your knee, or reading a romance novel (the list goes on,) make sure that you are keeping it a part of your new years resolution to maintain. Its physically impossible for us all to remain as Zen as a monk practicing yoga, but we can sure as hell try. Am I right?!

     It may not be the best year, but it can be the stress less-year!

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Written By: Hayley Sutherland

Posted on January 31, 2018 .